What is Heated Massage?

Heat therapy is the application of heat to the corresponding pain area of the human body to achieve the effect of pain relief. Heat therapy is especially effective when the massage focuses on a body area in pain. The warmth of the treatment helps increase blood flow, releases toxins and encourages tissue regeneration.


Some people think that heat has no effect on healing the human body, but when we talk about hot springs or baths, you can see what the effects of heat therapy are. One of the ways baths can help you relax is through heat therapy.

After a preliminary understanding of the efficacy of heat therapy, we will introduce in detail how we integrate heat therapy into the massage apparatus.

Most massagers with heating functions rely on heating wires to generate heat, as the following Mynt products do.


Car Heating Cushion Cover: suitable for various models, fast heating, heating protection, light and easy to carry


Household Heating Pad: heating & vibration, heating protection, memory cotton, adjustable pillow, large size


Large Area Heating Pad: fast heating, heating protection, soft material, hand controller, washable material

Will our heating products burn the treated area? If it is a product of other brands, we cannot guarantee for you, but all the products with heating of MYNT are equipped with heating protection, and have passed the inspection of relevant institutions and have professional heating protection certificate, you can rest assured to use.

In general, hyperthermia is suitable for a variety of age groups (minors are not recommended) and is suitable for a variety of situations: couch, floor, bed, chair, office.

Post time: 12-07-2022