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Mynt Heating Massage Mat Memory Foam Cushion (Grey)

SOFT & COMFORTABLE: This massage mat is made of ultra soft plush that offers a skin-friendly body touch, filled with high resilience memory foam pad to provide superior comfort and great pressure relief. The memory sponge pillow is soft, comfortable and not easy to be deformed. 100 % polyester and high-grade gray fabric are stain resistant and easy to wipe clean.
SOOTHING HEAT THERAPY: The massage mat with optional heat delivers soothing heat to further relax soreness muscles and promote blood circulation, help relieve stress, aches, tension and eliminate fatigue. It heats up quickly in 2 minutes. The heat can be turned on without massage.
CUSTOMIZEABLE: The mattress pad is designed with 10 vibration motors, 5 massage modes and 3 selective massage zones to customized personal needs. Easy to operate by corded remote controller. Different target zones in the neck, shoulder, lower back and legs work separately. Provide vibratory massage only, instead of deep Kneading Shiatsu massage.
SAFE TO USE: Each product has passed the insulation test. The heating pad adopts safe and low voltage (12 V), overheating protection system and auto shut off function to ensure safe use. Attached bag for easy storage of remote control avoids wire winding.
Note: This is a vibration massager only, not a Deep Kneading Shiatsu massager. Do NOT buy this product if you are looking for a shiatsu massager with rolling balls. This massage mat has a variety of massage modes and heating pads to relieve stress and fatigue, making your entire body feel comfortable and relaxed.

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With 20-year experience in massager innovation & production, Mynt has been devoted to offering affordable and portable deep relaxation, and conducting phased product upgrade based on customer feedback. We aim to build an agile brand to contribute a healthy lifestyle effortlessly fitting into your busy lives. What makes our product unique? With end-to-end product design, quality control and upgradation system, Mynt is uniquely situated to focus on the premium performance of massage products from eye to toe, home to car. We are confident in delivering world-class services to ensure your satisfaction.


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The full body massager is especially perfect for employees, drivers and the seniors who are easy to suffer from poor blood circulation. Regular massage is beneficial to you combat the daily discomfort. Relieve sore muscles and fatigue after a long workday, travel, sports and exercise, improve blood circulation and promote better sleep.


The mattress pad features with 10 vibration motors, 5 massage modes, 3 selective massage zones and 3 variable intensities to customized personal needs. The full body massage mat combined with heat therapy, can effectively relieve muscle pain, joint pain, cramps and improve sleep quality.


The heat can be independently turned on or off. This allows heat to be used with or without massage. It will take only 2 minutes to quickly heat up. Enjoy a full body heating SPA without waiting long in cold winter.


The heating pad adopts safety and low voltage (12 V), overheating protection system and auto shut off function to ensure safe use. Each product has passed the insulation test. Attached bag for easy storage of remote control avoids wire winding and stumble.


Enjoy a relaxed massage will help you fall asleep fast and sound. 30-min auto off design ensures you sleep at ease.


Enjoy fantastic massage anytime while you’re lying down on the sofa, to eliminate the fatigue and stress from work or a hard day.


Sitting in a chair or recliner to get a relaxed massage while watching TV or reading book.

Great Gifts For Family

The massage mat with optional heat delivers soothing heat to further relax soreness muscles and promote blood circulation, helping relieve stress, aches, tension and eliminate fatigue. The memory foam cushion is flexible & foldable for maximum space saving, and you can enjoy on-demand massages whether lying on bed, floor or sitting on sofa, couch, recliner or chair. It’s a great gift for yourself and loved ones. Suitable for men and women of all ages on the birthday, anniversary, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine and so on.

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Customer Reviews (46)

2 Responses to “Mynt Heating Massage Mat Memory Foam Cushion (Grey)”
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      I have been buying a similar full body length heated massager for 3 yrs now (I say “buying” bcuz i suffer from several major chronic pain issues…fibro, psoriatic arthritis. MS, Lupus, Lymes), and so I am basically bedridden and used the other heated massager 24/7 and bcuz I used it so often and much more than the usual person would,…..I had to replace it every 6 months bcuz the massaging balls and motors would break down and stop. Decided to try a different one and this was it. Just got it about 5 days ago, and WOW, I am very very impressed. First of all, even tho the other one I kept repeatedly buying every 6 months was heated too, it was nothing like this one as far as how relaxing and extremely comforting the heat is on this one. Second, while the other one was also full length and had several massaging points from upper back all the way down to feet,……this one is so much more quality as far as the actual massaging options and intensity. Third: the memory foam and plush outside of this heated full body massager is SO WONDERFUL AND SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE !!!! So very very glad I switched and chose this one. Praying it lasts a loooooong time, lol.

    • By :

      I love heating pads- I use them for cramps, I have one for my cold feet, for achy muscles but because they are so small I can only warm up one body part at a time. since it just started getting really cold here I started to look for a whole body warming pad and came across heating pads that were full on massage mats, even better.
      Overall I am pleased with my purchase. The mat itself it long enough for my whole body and the pulse points of the massager seem to hit the right places of the body.
      The material is thick, grey and cery soft to the tough. I mention this in the video but because the massage poi ts are hard it is necessary to have a decently sized foam toping to keep it comfortable while it is. Lately at night before I go to bed I keep this on for an hour before bed.
      Massage and remote.- the remote is attached so it wont get lost and there is a silk pouch stitched i to the side to secure it. You can turn the heating on and off and you have 4 different massage modes. I personally find the straight vibration to be the most relaxing. There are two settings for intensity and also you can control if you want it to be all body or just certain sections alone. So i can just turn the heat on and the vibrations at my feet if I want to.
      It’s thin enough to use under the sheets and I find the pillow to be comfortable. The whole thing when not in use can we rolled up kind of like a yoga mat and stored away. I personally find the box worth keeping for this reason cause while I know I will use it a ton this winter, I may not in the summer. I find that even using this 15 minutes though is super relaxing for my whole body and really helps with my insomnia and falling asleep easier.

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