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Mynt Portable Electric Scalp Massager with IPX7 Waterproof Rechargeable

  • Scalp Massager: Electric scalp massager is equipped with 4 massage heads with 84 individual nodes that are designed to fit the scalp;Simulating hand massage that helps to relieve stress, stimulate hair growth.
  • Cordless and Rechargeable:This head massager is rechargeable by USB charging and using without cable, and it full charge time of about 2 hours.With the portable design,you can use it anytime,anywhere.(Note:When charging,please make the host four massage claws in a closed state,to avoid charging terminals can not be contacted,resulting in the inability to charge.)
  • Waterproof Design:The cordless head massager with IPX7 waterproof rating that you can enjoy hand massage while taking a shower.The massage head can be detachable and washable,easy to clean.
  • Full Body Massage and Pet Massage:The scalp massage can be used to not only your neck, shoulder, back, leg, waist,but also massaging for your dogs an cats.
  • Safety and Reliable: For safety purposes, the smart scalp massager will automatically shut down after 10 minutes of work. Ideal Christmas and Birthday Gifts for men, women, parents and friends or your pets

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      I got this unit for use as a scalp massage tool, but it’s turning out to be very versatile.
      It’s a really well-built, heavy-ish unit, and the motor has plenty of power.
      The silicone tips are medium-firm but flexible enough for comfort. It does really ‘dig in’ with some extra manual pressure, though (in a good way).
      Overall, it works great and feels really good on the back and sides of my scalp, the nape of my neck, behind the ears, and around the temple area.
      The first thing I noticed after using it was how well it stimulated blood flow to my scalp.
      I can’t attest to any medical or therapeutic benefit of that, but it sure feels invigorating.

      Construction & Charging:
      All the materials feel and look like top quality. The hard-shell housings, on/off/mode switch, magnetic contacts, USB connection, indicator lights, grip loop, and removable silicone massage heads are flawlessly made. I worked in quality assurance/detail inspection for many years, and I could find no faults anywhere on any of these components.
      As far as charging time and battery life, it took a few hours to charge when fresh from the factory, but it holds its charge very well. I didn’t run an endurance test with it, but I did have it next to me in bed for two days of intermittent testing without recharging and it had plenty of battery power left.
      The charging cradle is simple to use, and the unit will only fit one way in the base. The flexible heads always stop in the proper position for charging – all the way in. The rest is simple – match up the magnetic contacts, and there’s a matching notch/tab on the housing and base to ensure a proper fit.

      Versatility: I found it to be useful in multiple areas – the soles and heels of my feet, my forearms, shoulder cuffs, and the palms of my hands. Because of the ‘Shiatsu-type’ pattern, it does feel a bit pinch-y in other areas – like the lower back, thighs, etc., but overall it’s soothing and invigorating.
      Modes: There are four modes, and although they’re very similar (please see video), they work well. Mode #4 is a standout for me. It’s an alternating fast/slow, narrow/wide massage.
      As far as a pet massager, my cat took right to it on the gentle/slow mode. She didn’t tolerate it for long, and I was gentle with the pressure because of the Shiatsu-type ‘pinching’, but with a light touch, she loved it. It did pick up quite a bit of hair, but it also cleaned off very easily with a few swipes of the bristles.
      I’ve had dogs in the past, and I would imagine that it’d feel great for any shorthair breed.

      My personal wish list item for this? I wish that it had a few vibrate modes to go along with the moving massage heads. That’d put this over the top for versatility.
      But overall, it’s a great little device, and it’s very well-made. It’s waterproof for the shower, and the loop grip makes it feel secure.

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