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Mynta Full Body Zero Gravity Thai Stretch Massage Chair(Black)

7 Automatic Modes Including Thai Stretch — Featuring 7 automatic massage programs, Thai stretches legs and waist can effectively increase physical vigor. 32 airbags focus differently on neck, shoulders, back, hips, thighs and feet. For Him, For Her and For Seniors modes make it perfect for the whole household. The special deisgned Sleep mode is ideal to soothe tired body, the front and rear swinging fuction brings a thorough relaxation.
Extended SL Track + 3D Massage Rollers — Ergonomic design with EXTENDED 51.8″ SL track space curved rail allows you to enjoy massage from neck to hip, not just lower back. The 3D massage rollers make this model your best choice of all the shiatsu massage chairs.
Deep Zero Gravity — The most comfortable full body massaging recliner, 3 zero gravity angles on demand with one button. The zero gravity massage chair sets heart and knees at the same level, effectively reduce heart pressure and stimulate blood circulation.Space-saving design, 6 inches from wall is good enough for deepest zero gravity recliner.
Customizable Body Massager + Foot Rollers — Use the remote to set rollers and airbags on your preferred speed and strength (3 levels) to target your desired spots. The optional double-row rollers foot massager conduct an all-aound shiatsu massage onto the sole.
1 Year Warranty and World-class Customer Service — Details stated on Operation Manual and Warranty Booklet. At the same time, the 24-hour online customer service will also escort your massage journey.

Product Detail

Product Description

Full Body Air Pressure Massage:
Whole body airbags wrap around your shoulders, hands, hips, legs and feet.

3D Robot Hands Massage Techniques:
Kneading&Knocking&Tapping&Shiatsu&Rolling. Kneading&Knocking at the same time.

Space Capsule Zero Gravity:
There are 3 levels zero gravity angles, clicking the button to adjust a comfortable reclining angle.


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Flexible Shoulder Width

The special designed bigger sized double-layer butterfly-shaped shoulder-clamping airbags on both sides inflate up to 25 cm, fitting different body size to better relieve shoulder muscles.


Adjustable Roller Width

Adjustable massage roller width and strength, perform precise and unique massage techniques.


3 Levels Zero Gravity

The zero gravity massage chair sets heart and knees at the same level, effectively reduce heart pressure and stimulate blood circulation.


Bluetooth Speaker
Equipped with Bluetooth technology for you to listen to your favorite music and phone calls on high quality speakers. Makes your massage experience much more enjoyable.

Fast Heating in 3 Minutes
Built-in low back heater, the temperarue could reach 125°F within 3 mins to relieve muscle soreness and promot blood circulation.

Extended Footrest
The footrest can be extended up to 54cm, simply apply pressure with your feet, the foot components will extend outwards and then retract inwards at the desired position to ensure the optimal leg massage experience.

Foot Massage
Roller and airbags massage for your feet to provide deep kneading and release tension in your feet.

Airbags 32
Max Weight Capacity 260lbs
Recommended Height Range 6.3 ft
Recommended Height Range 150W
Noise ≤ 55dB
Rated Working Time Approx. 15 minutes(automatic power-off)
Net Weight 172lbs
Package Weight 199lbs
Upright status 42"H * 30" W * 55"L
Recline status 45"H * 30" W * 65"L
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Customer Reviews (63)

4 Responses to “Mynta Full Body Zero Gravity Thai Stretch Massage Chair(Black)”
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      One of the best massage chairs I’ve ever used

    • By :

      I and my wife ordered this chair and received it in a timely manner without incident. The day it arrived, I grabbed my hand-truck and moved it into the house, unpacked it, trashed the box and packing materials, and went to massage heaven. The Chair was a quality piece, and I loved how it would release all of the built up tension in my mid-back. All was well, and remained well, until my wife finally got to try it out a few days later. She is a very (very) small individual. She may weigh 90 pounds soaking wet and is 5’0” if you count the shoes. She simply found the chair to be a bit too roomy for her self. To be honest, I’m not sure if there is a single chair that will fit her frame and mine (I’m 6’3” and 220 lbs), but we decided to return the chair.
      This is where Sarah came in to play. She was amazing. She helped us first try to solve the issue without returning, but when those ideas failed she helped us procure new packing materials (all the way from China!) and helped us get the return accomplished. I’m still speechless. Now, I do not recommend throwing out the packing materials if you think you may ever need to return the product, because even with the best customer support they are difficult and time-consuming to get back (I’m talking months), but it just goes to show how dedicated the company is to customer experience. Sarah helped us and stuck with us throughout the entire process and was always there to assist. 10/10 would not hesitate to purchase Mynta products in the future.

    • By :

      HIGHLY RECOMMEND! This will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make, and you’ll know that within the first 30 seconds of using the chair. Your peace, health, and relaxation are so worth it. It’s pricey, yes, but the old adage is true in this case: You get what you pay for!

      1. The Mynta customer service experience was truly top notch! They really went above and beyond to meet my needs and show how much they cared.
      2. The chair feels SO SO SO AMAZING. I’ve tried three settings so far and I literally almost fell asleep even though it was the middle of the day. Can’t tell you how many “omgs” I’ve whispered while trying this out.
      3. It arrived well-packaged and fully assembled which is a MAJOR PLUS. That is one of the main reasons I chose this product.

      CONS: NONE. Seriously, I have ZERO complaints which is rare.

      1. I will echo other comments about the intensity of the air bags. The first time they squeezed *really* tight I got a little nervous and had a near-panic moment. If they would squeeze just a little less it would still be effective but also be an improvement to the comfort level.
      2. Unpacking was easy until I got to the last step of getting the chair off the base. It’s way too heavy to lift on your own (probably need 2-3 people) and also can’t roll it off the base so it was tricky. Not sure how that can be improved but I’m mentioning because it was a challenge for me as a single individual and took me 15-20 to figure out a safe workaround.
      3. More intensity at the neck and upper shoulders would be dreamy, as would as sort of interaction with the quads and hamstr

    • By :

      So far the whole family loves this chair. I bought it for myself but my kids have been using it a lot more. They use it daily after soccer practice and say it helps with muscle recovery, plus it’s just relaxing. I use it every night before bed to end the night. I find it helps put me to sleep, and I feel great the following day. Less stiffness andRead more about review stating The family loves it no back pain. My only regret is not buying one earlier.

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